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January 2020      Little Leigh Adopting Stretch of Canal

 Beginning January 2020 the Little Leigh Parish Council is investigating adopting the stretch of the Trent and Mersey Canal within the parish boundaries to help improve its condition.

 This will involve setting up a volunteer group within the village to work with the Canal and River Trust(CRT) to improve the condition of the canal side. A stretch of less than a mile would be adopted and a plan of improvements agreed upon. This may involve improving the pathway, putting in benches, wildlife initiatives or changes the volunteer group decide.

CRT will provide logistical support and materials and tools for the volunteers who will do the actual work. We are in the early stages of identifying volunteers, a part of the canal, what improvements would be scheduled and program to deliver the improvements.

 As part of the program we are inviting anyone who is interested in participating to get in touch. We welcome suggestions for which part to adopt, what you would like to improve, skills and level of commitment you can contribute.

Its early days and we have no formal plans or idea of the level and number of volunteers we will expect.

We will use this page to provide links to where information can be found and how to get in touch. We have set up a dedicated email account  LittleLeighcanal@gmail.com so you can directly get in touch. Please send us your ideas and contact details if you wish to volunteer or just know whats happening.

Additional information 

Information will regularly be put in Grapevine and on the LittleLeigh facebook page as we formulate our plans.